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28th Annual

June 12-13, 2010




North American T-28

  The Stearman Fly-In was founded by Dr. Curt Kimball, Sterling, Colorado. Dr. Kimball is a respected surgeon, an experienced pilot, and the owner of a lovely North American T-28 which he regularly brings to the Fly-In.  The crowd is always delighted to see the T-28. To see both of them, click here or on the T-28 photo.



  The Stearman Fly-In would simply not be possible without the generous help of a large contingent of volunteers. You know who you are, and you have our sincere thanks!
  Two Grace Flying Service employees, Richard Grace and Ron Schlittenhardt, give much time and effort before, during, and after the SFI, and have done so for nearly two decades.
  Bob Kooser, Colorado Springs, has represented Front Range Skydivers  for many years. His quiet, untiring work has allowed the skydiving side of the event to go as smoothly as possible.
  Finally, Marty Hill, Jr., Denver, has helped over the years with hot air balloonists. He often acts as balloonmeister, and provides insightful weather briefings.
  Listed below are some of the previous attendees since the SFI began back in 1983. This list is as complete as possible, given the two decades of time, our incomplete records and failing memories. If we've missed you, contact us and we'll happily update the list. 


Stearman Pilots




Eric Baldwin
Michael Baldwin
Chris Basore
Harry Blout
Harris & Ann Bowen
Gayle & Tom Broadbent
Carl Brownd
Stephen Coonts
Mark Cytrynbaum
Clark & Mary Dechant
Stephen DuBois
Dan & Ida Dunning
Pete Fair
John Gacnik
John Grace
Robert Grace
Wally Gray
Roy Halladay
Todd Harders
Jim Hasselden
Carl Hays
Robert Hoff
Mark Hokeness
Leo & Bette Hrdlicka
Gary Irwin
Douglas Isern
Curt & Judy Kimball
Tim Liewer
Tracy Lockhart
Spencer Mamber
Scott Martin
Russ Mayberry
Tom Mezger
Ted & Diane Miller
Monte Orr
David Prince
Ron Schlittenhardt
John Schoonhoven
Jack Stapleton
Rick Stratton
Curt Taylor
Bob Terhune
Jim Walters
Dennis Whitesell
Russ Wilder
Carl Williams
Ty Zeiner


Stephen Blucher
Dennis Brown
Tim Cole
Rollie Elkins
Robert & Debbie Grace
Barb & Robert Hann
Chet & Peg Hart
Marty Hill, Jr.
Debra Hoffman
Tex Houston
Jim & Marti Isler
Ken & Bev Kennedy
Marvin & Edith Kramer
John Kugler
Kevin & Karen Lehmann
Joe & Cindy Lillard
Cathy & Gary Luenenborg
Frank & Claudette Mayer
Kathy McCoy
Dennis & Michele Mintling
Steve & DelRae Mote
John & Linda Nash
Rick Patterson
Dave & Cheryl Providence
Dewey & Jeanie Reinhard
Nick Saum
Ken Tadolini
Stanley White, O.D.
Wayne & Gloria Woodmancy


Alex Allen 
Andy Anderson
Dave Anderson
Jim Anderson
Keith Arbogast
Steve Archuletta
Tad Bechter
Dave Boes
Barry Brooks
Steve Brothers
Paul Brown
Jeff Buckland
Scott Busanamas
Glynn Catledge
Bart Chilton
Robert Clark
Jim Clarke
Roger Clement
Corky Connery
Mike Cushing
Adam David
Jake DeCaro
Randall Dills
Steve Doering
Charles Ellistan
Kevin Eoff
Lisa Eurich
Scott Fiore
Jason Fisk
Greg Foster
Jennifer Glossinger
Debbie Grace
Robert Grace
Bob Gross
Dan Gruen
Dan Guillaume
Sarah Gurney
Ryan Gust
Michael Haden
Ken Hall
Amy Hanley
Bruce Harrington
Karen Hawes
Stephen Hawthorne
Jeremy Heismann
Scott Henry
Suzanne & Dave Herr
Brian Heuschkel
Steve Hoehn
Lisa Hollan-Boshart
Dave Hollis
Bill Huddy
Jim Hutchinson
Brian Imhoff
Bill Jackson
Constance Jacobs
Tyler Jones
Anita Joseph
Jim Keating
Chris Kennedy
Kevin Klein
Wendy Koontz
Bob Kooser
Kris Kramer
Douglas LaBare
Jennifer Lang
Tullis Looney
Nena Lowry
William Massey
Scott McCusker
Nate Mead
Bill Meyer
Mike Mooers
Skip Moreau
Michael Morgan
Amos Morrill
John Morrison
Bill Murphy
Jeff Neary
Ray Nellor
Jim Nemeth
Garl Newby
Steve O'Neil
Susan Oakley
Mauricio Orihuela
Rachel Paul
Kimbra Patterson
Rose Peak
Robert Pierotti
Josef Pietruszka
Nathan Poplinger
Bob Potzer
Bimbo Procell
Brad Ramsey
Tony Repasky
Dan Roberts
Nick Robson
Mary Santangelo
Steve Sassetti
John Savage
Dink Schneider
Mike Schwertfeger
Bob Sepi
Cass Seymore
Richard Shell
Ronald Sherrill
Ken Shetler
Jay Smith
Ray Smith
Jackie Soden
Matt Spruill
Pierre St. Arnault
Alan Struthers
R.W. Stuart
Stu Stuhr
Robin Talbott
Kevin Tants
T.J. Toothman
Roger Van Natta
Leslie Vandenbos
Casey Vile
Patty Wallace
Paul Warrington
Marya Williams
Will Williams
Jason Wojteczko
Chris Worth
Joel Zane

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