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24th Annual

June 10-11, 2006



24th Annual

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The 24th annual Stearman Fly-In was held in St. Francis, KS, June 10 and 11, 2006.

The weather mostly cooperated, and approximately 90 aircraft attended, including 6 hot air balloons and 10 Stearman biplanes.

Many spectators took rides in the Stearmans, enjoying the magnificent view from the open cockpit, while listening to the throaty roar of the radial engine, and marveling at the capability of the fabric covered aircraft which are six decades old.

Dr. Curt Kimball of Sterling, CO, won the Stearman balloon bust contest. Dr. Kimball was the founder of the event, and the only pilot who has attended all 24  Fly-Ins.

The skydivers made seven loads and 22 skydives, filling the sky with their colorful canopies and thrilling the crowds with tip-toe landings. Due to a last minute cancellation, tandem jumps were not available this year.  This cancellation also reduced the number of skydives made.

The weather was problematic for the balloonists, and no flights were made on Saturday. On Sunday, three balloons began to inflate, but a rapid wind shift stopped two of them, while the third, John Kugler of McCook, Nebraska, was able to fly a short flight which ended in a gentle stand-up landing.  The crowd had the thrill of seeing hot air balloons when they misbehave--seven story high bubbles of air swaying erratically in the wind, but in slow motion.

Scores of airplanes flew in, including many home-builts. Their pilots enjoyed the show and ate breakfast or lunch on the field while others admired the large collection of parked aircraft.

Check out the photos to see some of the aircraft.

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